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Service Terms and Conditions

Mt. Syd Shuttle

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Pricing Policy

  1. This price is not valid on school holidays, public holidays, Easter holidays and Christmas period. Please Call 02 8021 3135 for quote.
  2. Pickup time might vary depending on traffic conditions. But we try to be on time as much as its possible.
  3. Toll Charge has been included in our prices.
  4. All pickups after 5:30 AM and before 6:30 AM will incur $15 surcharge and is payable on cash to the driver.
  5. All pickups after 11 PM and before 5:30 AM will incur $35 surcharge and is payable on cash to the driver.
  6. Passengers must call us 24 hours prior to departure to confirm a pick-up time for transfers from a hotel to the airport.
  7. Please allow a travelling time of 1 hour to the airport from the hotel.
  8. Domestic passengers should allow 1.5-2 hours prior to their flight departure time when booking, International passengers 2.5-3 hours prior to their departure time.
  9. Car seats, booster seats, extra luggage, surfboard prices are not included on the price quoted.


We do not Use M2 AND M7 TOLL Roads. Driver will not be using these toll roads.


Conditions of Travel:

Mt Syd Shuttle will not be liable for any costs or delays incurred due to circumstances beyond our control. All luggage, including carrying on baggage and personal items, is the sole responsibility of the passenger. MT Syd Shuttle accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for theft, loss or damage to any passenger baggage and personal items, whilst in an Mt Syd Shuttle vehicle.


Late Flights

Passenger transfers booked on the last transfer service allocated for the day that arrives on a delayed flight and misses their allocated pick up will need to make alternative travel arrangements at their own expense, a full refund will be issued for the arrival journey if informed on time. Mt Syd Shuttle is not responsible for delayed flights. If your flight has been delayed and you are NOT on the last service of the day, please contact the Mt Syd Shuttle office 02 8021 3135 and we will put you on the next available service. Please note: Our services are unable to wait for delayed flights or late passengers.
  1. Airport & Cruise terminal transfers.
  2. All bookings and enquiries should be through our office or online.
  3. Mt Syd Shuttle Services does not hold responsibility for any bookings/amendments made with our drivers.
  4. Clients should double check all details shown on receipt upon payment. Mt Syd Shuttle does not take responsibility for any wrong bookings on client’s behalf – hence if there is a need to make amendments please contact our office as soon as possible!
  5. Passengers must carefully check their baggage before leaving the vehicle.




  1. Because your plans may change, Mt Syd Shuttle guarantees a refund on cancellations, with $20.00 administration fees for each bookings., on all cancellations received prior to pick-up with advanced notice as per the policy below.
  2. In case the Cancellation is made after the driver reaches the destination on time, there will not be any refund.
  3. Company will reimburse all the cost if you happen to miss the flight because of our failure to transport you on time.
  4. Cancellations done with the driver will not be held applicable for refund. Please call in our number or send us an email for cancellations. Any cancellation requests must be acknowledged by us via reply email from one of our representatives. You must email your cancellation request through and ensure that you receive a reply email from us confirming that your journey is cancelled.
  5. Your booking is not considered cancelled until Mt Syd Shuttle confirms your cancellation. The time of cancellation is the time Mt Syd Shuttle receives your cancellation request.
  6. At Own Risk (AOR) Disclaimer
  7. When booking with Mt Syd Shuttle we suggest you choose our recommended pick up time. Should you choose to travel under an AOR service time and you miss your flight due to traffic or any unforeseen circumstances which result in delays, you will not be eligible for compensation. We do not recommend our clients book AOR.


Lost Property Policy

Lost property found within the vehicles of Mt Syd Shuttle can be claimed by contacting our office on 02 8021 3135 which will be held at our base of operations on either the Sydney office for a period of 6 months. After the period of the 6-month period has passed all lost property items will be donated to charity. If you wish to have your lost property delivered to you there will be an additional cost plus any postal charges.


Service Interruptions

Pick-up and drop-off times are approximate, Mt Syd Shuttle does not take responsibility for delays due to traffic or any other uncontrollable factor.


Baggage Information

Luggage is limited to one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person (per airport weight guidelines). Surcharge applies to additional luggage items (see below). All luggage must be clearly labelled by the passenger/s, including name and residential address. Passenger/s should carry valuable and fragile items (e.g. jeweller, expensive equipment, cash, etc.) on-board. Mt Syd Shuttle shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to any personal effects, luggage or other goods, whether such loss or damage is suffered, or is caused by anything occurring before, after, or during any journey.


Surcharge applies to the follow luggage items.

  1. Additional suitcases – $8.00 per extra piece of luggage
  2. Surfboards – $15.00 each. Surfboards must be less than 6ft long (183 cm), Should the surfboard exceed 6ft they will be unable to be transported due to our coaches’ trailer size restrictions.
  3. Surfboards- Passengers carrying a Surfboard (we can take any size) need to supply their own straps and are required to be attached by the passengers. Surfboards will incur an additional fee ($15 each).
  4. Golf Clubs – $15.00 (one set per passenger)
  5. Excess luggage falling outside the above groups will have the cost confirmed by the driver upon boarding.


Extra waiting time:

The charges for extra waiting time are:

  1. 0-30 minutes: $25
  2. 30-60 minutes:$45
  3. 60 + minutes: 2*waiting time

Please be informed that these prices are charged after 1-hour FREE waiting for International and 30 minutes for the Domestic Airport.

Mt Syd Shuttle guarantee:

Mt Syd Shuttle's policy is to ensure you meet your flight stress-free and on time, every time and we are committed to it!
To ensure our services get you to your flight on time, every time, Mt. Syd Shuttle monitors real-time traffic conditions. Our service schedules are adjusted in accordance with perceived delays minimizing the impact on our airport arrival times. We take the stress of traffic out of your hands allowing you to sit back, relax, and be rest assured that you will meet your flight on time, every time.
Mt Syd Shuttle is exceedingly confident that we can deliver you to your flight on time, every time. So much so, that in the unlikely event that you miss your designated flight when travelling with Mt Syd Shuttle, we will book you on the next available flight, business class at our expense.
In the unlikely event that a Mt Syd Shuttle passenger fails to meet their designated flight through an error on behalf of Mt Syd Shuttle and our staff, Mt Syd Shuttle agrees to upgrade the affected passenger to the next available business class flight at the company's expense.
The Mt Syd Shuttle guarantee is not intended to replace the need for our passengers to take out travel insurance and we recommend you do so. Passengers who fail to meet their designated flights due to unforeseen circumstances that arise outside of Mt Syd Shuttle's control would generally be covered under these policies. These may include but are not limited to:


Natural disaster/severe weather conditions

  1. If you or your agent supply us with the incorrect booking information.
  2. Traffic accidents causing the closure to the route to the airport.
  3. This guarantee is not applicable to passengers who choose to travel at own risk (AOR) and not on the Mt Syd Shuttle recommended service.
  4. Mt Syd Shuttle logs passengers pick up and set down times. Clients who miss their check-in due to a delay once dropped at the airport will not be eligible for the Mt Syd Shuttle Guarantee.



Pick-up tips at Sydney Airport.

Please be informed that our PICK-UP location from both DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL Airport in Sydney is the “15 MINUTES EXPRESS PICKUP”(YELLOW SIGN). Located at Parking3(P3) for the domestic travellers and 15 MINUTES EXPRESS PICKUP international travellers.



                       INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT                                                                                    DOMESTIC AIRPORT

     domestic                                  international